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Checklist For Long Distance Moving

Moving is a stressful and hectic time no matter what the circumstances. Here are some helpful hints and a moving checklist from us at USA Moving and Storage to help your transition into your new home be smooth and as easy as possible:


Before You Move:
Change of address:
  • Post Office; give forwarding address for mail
  • Change Account and Credit Cards
  • Subscriptions; requires several weeks notice

  • Friends and Relatives

  • Transfer funds in bank and arrange for check cashing in new city.

  • Arrange credit references.

  • Notify life, health, fire, and auto insurance companies of move date and give new location for coverage.

  • Apply for rebate on homeowner's policy.

Utility Companies:
  • Contact utility companies and get refunds on any deposits made.

Delivery Services:
  • Laundry, newspaper, milk.

Medical Services:
  • Ask doctor, dentist, optician for referrals and transfer necessary prescriptions.

  • Obtain medical and birth records.