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Movers Insurance

At Chicago-based USA Moving and Storage, we offer two basic insurance options both of which are easy to understand and can be requested on the day of the move.

  1. Basic Valuation Policy: This policy is included in your move at no additional cost. It is an ICC regulated policy that states that maximum liability is limited to $0.30 per pound per article, in the event of loss or damage.

  2. Declared Value Protection: This policy is ICC regulated as well and is used by most regulated moving companies. This option offers repair of the damaged item or reimbursement at its depreciated value. The dollar value of the shipment (or the amount for which the client would like to be protected) is estimated and stated on the bill of lading.

  3. Risk Replacement Insurance: This is private insurance which offers full replacement value for all of your belongings. Ask our Chicago movers for more details.

  4. Commercial General Liability: We will be happy to issue you and you company a Certificate of Insurance which will cover any damages to the building and property. Please notify your personal moving consultant at least three business days notice prior to your move to obtain the certificate.

Additionally, USA Moving & Storage carries the following insurance as mandated by the Illinois and Interstate Commerce Commissions:

  • Worker's Compensation
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance