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Military Freight

Experience is key when arranging military freight shipping, as it involves specific paperwork, processes, and pricing.

Our expert freight agents are dedicated to finding the most affordable and quality carrier for unique shipments that require special handling and SDDC authorizations. With our emerging new technology and highest-rated customer service, you can rest easy that your shipment will be watched closely during every part of the shipping process.

Our trusted network of carriers must pass a stringent background approval process before being included in our network as an available option. This ensures your freight shipment is secure and handled with care during transport. 



With instant freight quotes available at the click of your mouse, and booking up to two weeks in advance, Eagle`s Bridge can handle whatever shipping schedule you throw at it.


By giving you complete transparency throughout the whole shipping process, from quoting to payment, have the operational oversight needed to deliver on time, every time.


By servicing shippers regardless of the type of freight needing to be shipped (dry, refrigerated, oversized, containerized), Eagle`s Bridge is your one-stop shop for shipping needs.


Whether it’s the 14+ automated shipping processes, or digital paperwork centralization, Eagle`s Bridge frees you up to focus on building client relationships, rather than clogging your days with non-value adding tasks.


With automated tracking updates and secure digital payment, Eagle`s Bridge gives you the peace of mind to free yourself from the hassle and worries of the shipping experience.


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